Comparison of Popular Frameworks — ReactJS vs Vue.js [Detailed]

Let’s dive into the details:

Before you read further, ensure that you clearly understand what React and Vue.js are. They are highly valued and widely used JavaScript frameworks for interface design.

What is React? Why Is It So Popular?

React is backed by a Facebook community and it makes it super easy to build interactive UIs.

An Introduction To Vue.js: Progressive JavaScript Framework

React and Angular are top JavaScript frameworks out there and both are universally preferred frameworks to build web applications.
On the other side, Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework which is capable of developing contemporary single-page applications. It can be also used as a web application framework with an aim to simplify web development. Vue.js application development has captured the significant attention of developers across the globe in order to build amazing web apps.

ReactJS vs Vue.js: Who Wins The Battle?

There are many similarities between these two frameworks such as,

  • Both are built to work with the root libraries
  • ReactJS and Vue.js are based on the Virtual DOM model
  • Both tools are having the component-based structure

ReactJS — Powered By Facebook And Evolved By Community

Be it a web or native development, React is ideal for the majority of the platforms for user interface design.

  • Flexibility and Responsiveness: It offers maximum flexibility and responsiveness that makes it a suitable choice for modern needs.
  • Virtual DOM: As it is based on document object model, it allows browser-friendly arrangement of documents in HTML, XHTML, or XML format.
  • Rich JavaScript Library: Contributors from all over the world are putting efforts to make it richer with modern features.
  • Scalability: React is proven better for large-scale apps due to its flexible structure and scalability.
  • Constantly Evolving: React is backed by professional developers from Facebook and since its inception, it is continuously evolving.
  • Web or Mobile Platform: React provides React Native platform which can be used for developing native-rendered apps for iOS and Android through the same React component model.
  • Lack of Proper Documentation: There’s no proper and updated documentation available which makes it a bit messy and chaotic.
  • A Steep Learning Curve: Due to complex setup process, properties, functions, and structure, it requires deep knowledge to build an application.

Vue.js: Light-Weight, Flexible, and Faster JavaScript Framework

In comparison to React, Vue.js has very less number of downloads and it is mainly popular for building attractive single-page applications and web applications. However, Vue.js features an adaptable architecture which makes it one of the widely used frameworks with officially up-to-date libraries and packages.

  • Ease-of-Use: Vue.js embraces standard HTML-based templates which make it easier to use and revamping the existing application.
  • Smoother Integration: Whether it is a single-page application or complex web interface, Vue.js offers smoother integration of smaller parts without any effect on the whole system.
  • Better Performance In Little Size: It does not occupy more space and tends to give optimum performance over other frameworks.
  • Well-written Documentation: It provides an easy learning curve through the detailed documentation and requires no extra knowledge; HTML and JavaScript will get the job done.
  • Adaptability: Overall sound design and architecture makes it a popular JavaScript framework. It provides hassle-free migration, simple & efficient structure, and reusable templates.

In-Depth Comparison of Both Frameworks: React.js and Vue.js Which Is Better, When, and Why

Re-rendering and Optimization

When To Use Vue.js Over React?

When you want lightweight, faster, and modern UI library for crafting a topnotch SPA(single-page applications), you can opt for Vue.js. It is advantageous for designers who are used to work with HTML. Also, it provides reusability of the components making it developers’ pick to build unmatched user experience in web applications.

When To Opt For React Over Vue.js?

When you are a fan of JavaScript! React has a mature and larger development community of professionals who are dedicated to making it more advanced. React is powered by Facebook which has many use cases, solutions, resources, and projects. Furthermore, React is suitable for large-scale applications and mobile apps due to the grown-up user base. It is clear that if you want to build a mobile app using JavaScript, React Native is definitely a choice.

  • Up-to-date documentation and simpler syntax
  • Smaller, faster, and flexible
  • Rich HTML templates to provide ease in development
  • There’s a requirement to build mobile apps
  • Professional and great community support to solve your any issue
  • Need to build large-scale apps
  • light-weight and easy version migrating

React.JS vs Vue.JS [Quick Comparison]



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