Digitization — Digitalization — Digital Transformation: Clearing the Doubts

Digitization: The Beginning Of The Digital Age

Everything started with digitization. Before two decades, business processes were analog — information was presented physically.

  • Typing in Excel Spreadsheet from on-paper notes
  • Scanning paper document and converting in a digital document like PDF
  • The electronic version of a book (e-book) from the paper form

Digitalization: Streamlining The Business Process

  • Uploading the documents to the cloud and anyone can access it anytime anywhere
  • Use of Google sheets to avoid tedious tasks of Excel and sharing with the several users
  • Making use of Business Intelligence tools to create reports in clicks

Digital Transformation: Transformation Of The Business Activities And Competencies

Digital Transformation is the process of using digital technologies to improve processes, productivity, and culture and customer experiences.

  • Migrating the data from Google Sheet to Mobile app in order to get the insight faster and improve customer experience
  • Streaming online songs, movies, series and providing offers and recommendations based on the individual’s interest

Digitization vs Digitalization vs Digital Transformation — Quick Difference

How Combining 3D’s (Digitization, Digitalization, and Digital Transformation) Can Impact Your Business?

  • Allows you to evaluate the production process and helps you to identify the problems and challenges accurately
  • Helps in managing the cost and creates a new business model and revenue sources
  • Improves communication, generates a closer bond with the customers.
  • With the best digital communication strategy, business internationalization can become easy
  • It just not optimizes the internal business process but helps to stay competitive

Wrapping it up

“Digitalization is integrated with Digitization”



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