Don’t Only Dream Of Success, Wake Up And Work

Cherish best memories and accomplishments of 2018 and get over it.

The best is yet to come.

Yes, 2019 is waiting for us to grow from where we are standing. We all have dreams and dedications for something that keeps us running and giving ourselves a sense of satisfaction. No matter whatever you do, problems will be there. Problems are an unavoidable part of life and must be treated as a road to success rather a roadblock.

With the changes in time, our goals, dreams, requirements, and solutions are also changing. We became more aware of our capabilities, skills, and passions like never before.

The illiterate of the 21st century won’t be those who can’t read and write but those who can’t learn, unlearn and relearn.
- Alvin Toffler

This quote proves a point here. Our approach needs to be shifted to learning. In this digital-first combat, learning, unlearning and relearning can lead you to the top. If you truly want to be successful, there’s one thing certain and that is your attitude.

Your Attitude Is Everything.

Adopting the right, optimistic yet realistic attitude can turn any situation in your favor. More importantly, we need to develop our attitude in a manner that can give us the power to beat the barriers.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any proven formula for success.

Success is not about being popular, gaining fame, or earning a financial status, it is much more than that. Success can’t be measured in terms of money, position, possessions or titles.

Success is,

Doing what you love most despite all the unfavorable circumstances.

Success is how you take actions in your hard times.

Success is recognizing your potential to contribute to the betterment of society.

Success is a feeling of being unique and courageous.

Success is finding true pleasure in your work.

Success is developing an attitude to overcome problems or deal with those.

Success is the power of passion and perseverance.

If you feel something out there, a void that needs to be filled, then that’s what you’re meant to do.
- Ebone F. Bell

And when you achieved that, that’s a success.


Majority of us are trying to keep ourselves motivated at workplaces. We take the help of motivational podcasts, books, music, and posts to kick start our day. But the reality is, when you aspire to become something, motivation comes from within. Outside sources of inspiration can help you push your boundaries but it won’t stay for long.

ONLY you can help yourself, motivate yourself.

Every single day, you need to identify where your excitement resides. You need to recognize your passion, madness, and uniqueness that can generate tingling sensations of excitement.

That’s where you have taken the first step of success.

We need to change our perspectives towards learning, failure, attitude, and leadership.

What Really Do We Need To Change? And How?

Get Over Negative Emotions, Don’t Build Walls Of Self-Pity

We all have this common trait.

We often conceal our capabilities underneath the walls of self-pity and self-sympathy. We are reluctant to give up on this approach which limits our potential and the possibilities of growth to a greater extent. We ultimately start believing that we are trying hard to achieve whatever we want.

We mistakenly believe that in spite of hurdles, our graph of self-growth is going upward. This behavior, in fact, restrains our endless possibilities.

Don’t let that happen.

Instead, we can explore, plunge into the unknown and reach new horizons. We can focus on learning and pursing skills that can empower us to become an example for others. You need to put yourself at extreme points of hard work, self-assurance, and meaningful interactions that can bring best out of you.

Break the beliefs of negativity, mediocrity, and complacency.

Social Media Is Not A Destination, Optimize It As Your Side Goals

Social Media Is Not Your Life, STOP Wasting Time.

A huge number of followers, connections, and likes on social media platforms often leave us flabbergasted. To gain likes on our posts and increase followers are everyone’s secondary goals.

The fame we receive on social media platforms looks like an illusion. Being on social media is good for your professional and personal interactions but being obsessed about likes surely won’t help.

Look up.

Put restrictions on social media usage and think about some real-life problems and solutions.

Localize your vision, come up with a good idea after well and in-depth research, present your ideas, build a dream, and have timelines to complete your goals.

Don’t Choose Easier Route Always, Pouring Coffee And Watching Netflix Won’t Help

Netflix is a trend.

Well, nothing is wrong in that.

Millennial and Gen Z have excessive Netflix mania which makes them highly occupied and barely free. They are obsessed to spend the majority of their free time over Netflix and cup of coffees.

This is the unseen reality. Overuse of Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and similar entertainment mediums steal ‘me time’ of today’s generation.

They can’t get over it and make their selves hardly free to think, observe, identify, or understand.

Knowledge comparison and jealousy kill the real bond people used to share with each other. This is one of the existing issues that need our attention at present.

What’s The Solution?

Find the more free time.

Discover your potential.

Read books.

Go in the depth of ideas.

Get inspired.

Shift your perspective.

Learn new skills.

Fail seven times, stand up eight.

Communicate In Person: Try To Omit Virtual Wherever You Can

Why screens make you less happy?

Do you have any answer to the above-mentioned question?

Probably not. We spend our most of the times working in front of the screen whether it is a professional or personal scenario.

Can we cut back on this?

Can we have in-person communication when it’s possible?

Can we make real friends more than virtual ones?

Think about it.

It will surely create closer, more engaging, and more meaningful conversations.

Try it.

Broaden Your Horizons: Indulge Yourself In Some Research Or Try To Convert Your Hobbies Into Habits:

A person that makes no mistakes is making the biggest mistake: standing still and doing nothing.
- Martine Rothblatt

Don’t be afraid to pursue your most important dreams.

Personal development is your first step. And not comparing yourself with the other one is the second step towards the self-awareness.

Complaining about your problems adds more discomfort in the journey towards fulfillment. Involve yourself to find a solution, it may or may not come in a day, or a week, or in a year. It will take time. It demands your burning desire to act in the direction of your dreams.

You need a consistent approach.

You need a positive mindset.

You need to involve yourself — thoroughly, completely.

You need to develop a leadership attitude to achieve.

You need to delve into your ideas.

You need to be intentional about your goals.

You need self-awareness.

Staying motivated and inspired is a necessity.

There is no end. Trying to become a better version of yourself is a never-ending process. Turn yourself in a good example that others can follow.

Take a lead. That’s something this post is written for because leaders lead by example.

Did you enjoy reading this? Did you feel inspired?

You can also motivate us by telling about this post via comments. We would love to hear from you.

And that’s how motivation is contagious. Keep reading, keep inspiring!



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