Role Of IoT Post COVID-19: How It Helps Businesses To Resume And Restart?

  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • IIoT (Industrial IoT)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Big Data

How COVID-19 Is Accelerating Industry 4.0?

Moving forward, industries may face the greatest challenges including shortage of labor, transportation problems, a constant fear of spread among workers, and a financial crisis.

Current Pain Points Of The Industry:

  • The supply chain is hugely affected due to global lockdown and closed factories. For better tomorrow, manufacturers and logistic companies must come up with a wise plan to bridge the widened demand-supply gap.
  • Even after everything will back to the normal, uncertain economic environment, an unbalanced market, and ‘social distancing’ norms will change behavior, consumption, and trends post COVID-19.
  • China remains at the center of manufacturing and assembling processes. International trade and services will see drastic changes as COVID-19 has negatively affected the global supply chain.
  • Smart equipment and smart factories are need of the hour but human intervention is necessary for fully functional, uninterrupted production. Nevertheless, it reduces human staff by half without downscaling production as processes are automated.
  • At present, people must follow the physical distance of at least six feet to curb the infection, and therefore, factories or companies must strategically handle human resources to mitigate the risks.

How IoT Helps In Business Continuity And Mitigate Risks Post COVID-19?

Manufacturers, product owners, or any supply chain business with industry 4.0 capabilities can conduct business processes with fewer constraints compared to those who haven’t implemented smart machines or equipment in their workplaces.

  • Remote Collaboration:
  • Smart Manufacturing Environment:
  • Remote-monitoring of equipment, machinery, and production setup
  • Vision-based control systems to control equipment based on certain measures
  • Video-conferencing for effective and real-time collaboration
  • Workforce-tracking to ensure employee well-being and monitor activities
  • Machine-Learning software to intelligently perform automated tasks
  • Data-driven equipment control to analyze and take certain actions based on measures
  • IoT-enabled sensors and devices to offer a holistic view of processes
  • AR/VR For Better Visualization:
  • Remote Health Monitoring/Telehealth:
  • IoT To Ensure Business Continuity And Flexibility Amid This Crisis:



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