Top 12 Best PhoneGap Alternatives

Update for Customers Using PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build — “We are announcing the end of development for PhoneGap and PhoneGap Build and the end of our investment in Apache Cordova. The PhoneGap Build service will be discontinued on October 1, 2020.” But, Apache Cordova is still active and maintained!

What Is Going To Happen?

Migrating From PhoneGap To A Modern-Day Technology

Choosing a cutting-edge technology from the bunch of today’s modernized ones is tricky but beneficial. Migrating from PhoneGap to new technology could be a tough task. Hence, hiring an experienced and expert software solutions service provider is the best thing to do. That relieves you of all the burden of migration and gets the best possible output, without any loss or damage to data.

Best Alternatives To PhoneGap

  • Flutter
  • React Native
  • Ionic
  • Kotlin
  • Sencha Touch
  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA)
  • Apache Cordova
  • Bootstrap
  • Xamarin
  • Xcode
  • Android Studio
  • jQuery Mobile


Driven by Google, Flutter is an open-source mobile app development framework to develop native-like, adaptable, and graphically-enhanced cross-platform apps for web, mobile, and desktop. It is growing in recognition because of its capability to create vivid, adaptable, and native performance on iOS and Android platforms.

  • Offers a unified code base for various platforms, leading to time-saving and cost-effectiveness
  • Owing to the Stateful Hot Reload feature, swifter, and effective app development
  • Adaptable, powerful, and modern-day UI with personalized widgets
  • Showcases native-like performance on all relevant devices
  • Expressive and quicker user experience with prototype prospects

React Native

React Native has been one of Facebook’s best open source offerings. It is an extensive and accessible technology for creating mobile and web apps with complete provision of the ReactJS library. It is considered an ideal JavaScript library, thanks to its bulk of mobile and web apps that it builds.

  • Rapid delivery of apps due to expertise in technological areas
  • Frequent technological updates
  • User friendly, attractive, basic user interface and user navigation
  • Integrated way of development and testing
  • Highly focused, robust, and approachable apps
  • Complicated ReactJS mobile and web app interfaces
  • Agility with component drive assembly builds


Ionic is a popular hybrid cross-platform technology that can be leveraged on various platforms with a unified codebase. With Ionic, developers can create cross-platform hybrid applications for native and web, iOS, and Android platforms.

  • Based on dependable, basic web technologies, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, leveraging modern web APIs
  • Helps creation of a simple and functional mobile and web application, with help of AngularJS
  • Easy to adapt, learn and can be accessed by anyone, anywhere with basic web development skills
  • Offers native app-like features with Cordova plug-ins
  • Development of apps only once rather than multiple times for different devices, making it fast and cost-effective


Kotlin is Google’s powerhouse preferred programming language for Android programming. It has been developed by JetBrains and has gained a lot of popularity amongst the developers. It focuses on easing the job of mobile and web application development, especially in the arena of Android apps.

  • Increased code legibility and maintainability
  • Compatible with existing libraries of Java, Android, and web
  • Secure and crisp code, creating quick and effective development
  • Constantly evolving framework with good support from the global community
  • Facilitates choice of any Java IDE to start development
  • Instinctive and lean syntax

Sencha Touch

A popular UI JavaScript library especially meant for the mobile web, Sencha Touch has been aptly used by web developers to build UI for mobile web apps and make it look like a native app. It supports the fast and seamless building of HTML5 based mobile apps that operate easily on a variety of devices.

  • Fastened web and mobile development with ease
  • Flexible, code compatible and responsive touch
  • Variety of Sencha tools available
  • Robust data package along with many backend sources
  • Based on MVC architecture

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps are web applications that load up in a web browser just like web pages or websites. It provides an enriched mobile experience through native-like functionalities such as the ability to work offline, push notifications, and device hardware availability.

  • Offers an appealing user experience owing to its modernized web standards
  • Users get a feeling of a native app-like experience
  • Utilizes HTTPS for high-end security preventing any cyber threat
  • Provides modern-day applications with features like service workers
  • Responsive for all types of mobile devices like mobile, tablets, desktops
  • Can work seamlessly in offline mode, on low-end network
  • Can be shared through a link and needs no separate installation

Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova is a popular alternative to PhoneGap, which is still active and running, despite PhoneGap going obsolete. It is an open-source platform that is leveraged for the creation of mobile apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

  • Code reusability across platforms
  • Supports offline mode of computing
  • Accessibility to native APIs for implementing mobile functionalities to JavaScript app
  • Open source and free to use
  • Can be leveraged through Command Line Interface for creating projects
  • Possesses core components that create the application base with ease
  • No need to learn platform related programming languages
  • Saves on development time, faster to develop apps


Considered one of the most popular and extensive HTML, CSS, and JS libraries across the globe, Bootstrap has been considered ideal for mobile-first, responsive web development. As free, downloadable software, it helps developers create swift and responsive sites. It is quite easy to start with.

  • Consistency and Flexibility
  • Open source, easy to set up and learn
  • Robust grid system
  • Responsive, open-source, and supports mobile-first
  • Easy to change the layout and customize grids
  • Dropdown components and templates to support


Xamarin is a free, open-source, popular technology powered by the Microsoft .NET platform. It has strong community support and it comes along with .NET. Apps developed in Xamarin can be built on macOS or Windows and executed on multiple OS like iOS, Android, etc.

  • Sharing of code across platforms
  • Native user interface
  • Completely native look offering an enhanced user experience
  • Direct addition of components to apps
  • Easy integration of backend technologies
  • Allows creating platform-specific UI code layer


Xcode is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used by developers to create applications for different Apple platforms like iPhone, iPad, Macs, Apple TV/Watch, etc. It is available for other PC also. It can be downloaded through the Mac App Store.

  • Offers a filtered view of the information needed
  • Offers an integrated assistant editor to show required files
  • Creates a complete UI prototype
  • Customizable tools to increase productivity
  • Professional editor to write advanced code

Android Studio

Considered an apt programming environment for Android devices, Android Studio is the official integrated development environment for Google’s Android OS. It is created on JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA software.

  • Instant delivery of applications with immediate changes
  • The fast build of layout adding a variety of attributes
  • Offers real-time experience to Android apps
  • Intelligent and quick code editor to offer precise coding
  • Helps create apps for all types of Android devices

jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is a popular UI framework, based on jQuery core and JavaScript programming standards. Being lightweight, it has a robust theming framework and simplistic API. This API helps in creating highly responsive mobile apps and effective websites.

  • Seamless compatibility with peer mobile frameworks
  • Native like experience
  • Touch-based web framework
  • HTML optimized user interface
  • Flexibility and theme-based designing



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